Tokeet was created to assist property managers in their day-to-day operations through the use of an innovative software platform. Tokeet enables you to perform a variety of tasks through this platform, making your job as a property manager easier than ever. This complete rental management workflow platform is engineered to serve both companies and individuals. Offered in a myriad of platforms to fit any personal need and budget, Tokeet has an option for everyone.

Tokeet is the single solution to solve all of your rental management needs, from initial inquiry all the way through the check-out process. Here are just a few of the things that Tokeet can handle for its customers:

EFFECTIVE CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Tokeet’s innovative channel management system gives users full control and visibility over all channels. The application programming interface (API) integrations and synchronizations are compatible with the most useful channels in the industry including Expedia, Airbnb,, and more.

SIMPLE SIGNATURE SERVICES: The patented Tokeet Signature system makes document review and signing a snap. Each document can be easily personalized to suit any situation and to give your clients the most customized service on the market. Rental managers will feel good knowing that the legally-binding documents are handled in a secure manner. The automated system saves both time and money and gives customers the convenience of signing documents from nearly any device.

WEBSITE CREATION: The Tokeet Website Builder assists rental managers in creating websites that are both visually pleasing and user-intuitive. The property management website is often the first image that is projected about the company to potential renters. Make that first impression count with a customized website designed to showcase the properties and draw in customers.

SIMPLE INVOICING: Tokeet makes it easy to handle all aspects of invoicing and collecting payments from guests. Invoices can be scheduled and automated for ease in submission. Through the use of PayPal and Stripe, Tokeet is able to direct funds collected directly to your accounts. This invoicing system eliminates the middleman and provides a secure and efficient collection process.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Tokeet recognizes the value of effective and efficient customer support. Customers needing assistance can call or use the chat app at any time to get all questions answered.