Ryan Williams is a man with a purpose. The 31-year-old is seeking to change what he calls the “Jurassic” and “antiquated” real estate industry. His vision is simple: integrating technology into real estate investing.

He has won the support of some of America’s richest and most powerful men. Mark Cuban, Jared Kushner, and Peter Thiel are all high profile supporters of Williams who have provided financial backing for his project. In fact, the early involvement of Kushner has led to some controversy for the company. As a part of Donald Trump’s administration, Kushner’s involvement has led to some hesitation on investors’ parts. Williams has pointed out that his company has moved on, however, and that investors should focus on what is really important.

His company is called Cadre, and it seeks to digitize real estate investments. It is catered to high-end clients who are willing to put down at least $50,000. If you can reach that threshold of investment, then Cadre will provide a unique online investment marketplace that allows clients to gather information and formulate decisions at a much faster pace than they have in the past.

The firm typically targets equity investments in excess of $50 million, with only around two percent of the 500 proposed investments every year being approved. This is a very high-end operation that is, for the time being, one of the only online real estate investment marketplaces available for clients.

This has allowed Cadre to leverage its unique position as an early adopter to scale up their business fast and be choosy about whom they work with. As mentioned before, only two percent of all investment applications are approved by the company, and those investments are being made by some of the real estate industry’s top talent.

Real estate is a tricky business, and the adoption of new technology will not make it any less so. However, time is money, and convenience helps to cut down on time wasted. This is where Cadre comes in, and it is what Ryan Williams is counting on making him one of the major players in the real estate market of tomorrow. From where things are now, he seems poised to succeed in a big way.