Although an individual may only have a few times in life when a notarized document is necessary, those people in various businesses such as real estate, developers, mortgage lending, title companies, law, government, education, passports, and others are in need of notarization for their clients on a regular basis.

If a Notary Public is not on staff, those in charge must look elsewhere to have their documents properly verified and signed. Today’s technology is able to bring online legal notarization into the modern era.

What could be more convenient and helpful than a service that is available 24/7 with a professional Notary Public that will complete the task efficiently, securely and quickly?

Following are the simple steps to get the notarization accomplished:

* Upload the document(s) on a computer, tablet, iPhone, or other mobile device. Access by taking a picture on your phone, by email, or through a cloud storage service. All that is needed is a webcam, the document(s), and a valid ID.

*. Prove the identity of the signer through a patent-pending forensic analysis that will verify the pictures of the government issued passports and photo IDs. A few questions have to be answered, and the identity will be confirmed in seconds.

* Prepare the document by filling out any fields or forms online.

* Connect over live video with a licensed and certified Virginia electronic notary public, who is authorized to serve Americans no matter where they are located.

* The Notary will confirm the identity, witness the signature(s), provide a witness, and assist throughout the entire process with guided signing instructions. The eNotary will complete the notary section of the document(s) and apply an electronic notarization seal and signature. This whole process usually takes less than 15 minutes!

* The notarized document can be downloaded to a cloud storage service, be printed, or be emailed to anyone to share the notarized document electronically.

The firm Notarize is the first notary public platform that allows documents to be legally notarized online from anywhere and be accepted across the USA due to the United States Constitution’s Full Faith and Credit Clause and state laws that specifically accept out-of-state notarizations. This is handled securely with guaranteed notary agent availability. Security is provided by encrypted transactions. notary-applied tamper seals, and PKI-based document signatures.