Technology has revolutionized most industries, and real estate is no different. Up and coming real estate companies are changing the ways people buy, sell, and rent their proprieties. Below you will find the top 5 real estate companies to watch.

Open Listings

One of the reasons most people rely on a real estate agent is because they have access to listings that the general public doesn’t. Open Listings, however, is shaking things up. They aim to make home buying simple and easy. Their platform allows you to buy and sell your home without an agent, which means you keep the commission. You can browse through their listings, book appointments, and submit an offer all online.


Flip was developed in order to help people easily sublet their spaces. With a belief that the housing market should be flexible, Flip allows their users to find places to live and also get out of their leases. But Flip also offers a wealth of tools to make it easy to rent out a place, including ways to advertise your space, check the income, credit, and background of potential renters, and receive customized lease agreements.

No Agent

In the UK, No Agent is a great tool for landlords who are the hunt for good tenants. Gone are the days of having to hire a letting agent. No Agent offers a ton of services that make renting easier, including plans for property management from repairs to managing deposits. No Agent takes the stress off of landlords, while giving them the peace of mind to know that their rental property is being well taken care of.


Bowery is an appraisal company that makes the process smoother than ever. With high-tech tools, Bowery is able to assess commercial real estate fast and accurately. They have a highly-skilled team of appraisers that have years of experience. They can deliver you appraisal reports through a cloud-based system as well as mobile applications.


Based in the US, SquareFoot is a real estate company that focuses on helping businesses find the perfect space for them to lease. They offer access to listings that you can’t find anywhere else, and their search feature allows you to narrow down your choices based on how many employees you have and how much space you need. They also have agents standing by to help you through the leasing process