Selling a home requires a great amount of time and coordinated effort.

The Challenges of Selling a Home

Listing your property with a local real estate agent means you’ll need to schedule times for you and your family to be away while the home is being shown to potential buyers and during times when the agent holds an open house viewing. But even before you get to that point, there are things you need to do to prepare your house for the market. You’ll need to make sure the interior is neutral, yet attractive enough to appeal to the right buyer. The outside of your home must have “curb appeal.” You could end up spending weeks of time and thousands of dollars just to get your house market ready. Once it’s listed, it could be on the market for up to six months with no viable offer. If it does finally sell, you’ll pay commissions to be split between the listing and selling agents.

You could choose to save the commission and try to list and sell your home on your own. There are many companies and websites that allow sellers to list their property and receive communications from interested buyers. You still must spend time showing the house and waiting for offers. And, you’ll still need to spend money getting the house ready. Offers come with negotiations. So even if you find a buyer, chances are they will want you to reduce the price, pay their closing costs, or offer seller financing to make the deal.

Reduce Your Selling Time to Days

Opendoor offers a unique and innovative home buying service that lets sellers reduce the time on the market for months to just a few days.

  • You simply request an offer on their website and one of their home experts will prepare a competitive market-priced offer for you.
  • You’ll review the terms and fees, then accept the offer.
  • A home specialist will visit and inspect your property. You have the option to decide if you want Opendoor to handle any repairs saving you valuable time.
  • You’ll receive your money in a matter of days. You’ll have the freedom to move on to your next home and leave the details of finding a buyer to them.