After receiving his MBA at the University of Denver, Chad Roffers found himself working for an auction startup, As the Vice President of Business Development, Roffers found himself at the center of monumental innovation, he had the rare opportunity to work with the founding team of eBay before it went public. Fascinated by the auction model and inspired by the potential technological advancements in the real estate industry, Chad soon shifted gears in his career.

The approach to innovation that Chad had learned, being in Silicon Valley with some of the early pioneers of the Web 1.0 world, was truly priceless. The lessons that Chad learned from those early experiences encouraged him to build multiple technology companies with a real-estate focus.

“The fact that I’ve been able to achieve success with these companies and receive recognition from some of the biggest names in the industry have shown me that my bet on the intersection of real estate and technology has paid off.”  


Chad Roffers always approached real estate with an eye toward solving problems by using technology. Since the inception of Concierge Auctions, Chad has established a strong technology team that continues to create new products from the ground up and innovate on ways that allow them to deliver more value for both their sellers and real estate agents.

“Technology works best when it facilitates connections between people. I’m a student of market economies and the ways that technology changes industries, I’ve been able to see trends before they happen and become part of them rather than following them.” 

As the managing director and chairman of Concierge Auctions, Chad Roffers continues to draw on his background in technology. Moving forward, Char Roffers hopes to gain depth in the Concierge Auctions database, understanding the types of properties that their buyers are looking for and curating properties specifically for them.

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