Zoning laws are a nightmare for anyone in real estate. Where you can build, what kind of buildings are permitted, and what the building will be used for are all important factors into developing a property. The developers often get the short end of the stick, as client demands may be unreasonable given zoning laws, and the contractor does not want to get themselves or their client in trouble. For many years, real estate professionals have been clamoring for a solution.

Luckily, there is a solution: Zonar. Zonar is a software that takes zoning laws of any area and applies it to a lot you are looking to develop. Here’s how it works: First, you sign up for a plan that meets your business’s needs. Then, choose from a number of building types, including commercial, residential, mixed, and more. You can then specify the size of the building, how many floors it has, and tons of more options. The biggest positive of Zonar is its use of zoning laws. The software will not let you plan a building outside of the township or city’s building codes, so you’ll know exactly what your options are as soon as you begin testing your ideas.

Although this company has not been around very long, the company has become quite the attention-grabber. It makes sense why, being that they market not only to developers and urban planners, but also to the government. Their pricing ranges from $150 per month to a custom package, which is currently only available at the government level. The company is clearly excited to make their software easily available to anyone looking for building plans.

Furthermore, the company has proven its worth (and local pride) by predicting six possible Miami-based sites for Amazon’s new headquarters. By utilizing their own software, they were able to find locations that fit the requirements for Amazon’s second location. In fact, the company has 3-D replications posted on their website that show what Amazon HQ 2.0 could look like in the city.

Whether you’re involved in buying, selling, brokering, or developing real estate, Zonar should be a company that intrigues you. Not only is it innovating a field that has remained relatively stagnate in the past several decades, it is also paving the way for corporations to utilize legal obligations in their business. There are few companies who so easily incorporate local laws. If you’re looking to develop some land, I suggest you contact Zonar and schedule a demo.