Being a real estate agent is difficult. You have to manage showings, paperwork, and strange client schedules. Without the right tools, it can be difficult for agents to keep their tasks straight, leading to frustrated clients. To ensure you are able to keep track of your work, try utilizing these four apps.


For any working professional, tab overload can be a real burden on productivity. Keeping track of your emails, client notes, and your own personal documents is difficult enough. Add on the occasional demanding client and you are sure to feel overwhelmed.

This is where Cloze comes in. This app will help sort your emails and tasks into a manageable to-do list. No longer will you rely on several windows with 20 tabs each. Instead, you’ll have a simple, easy to use app right at your fingertips.


As a real estate agent, one of the biggest headaches is keeping track of expenses. This can include miles driven, items for staging, and even a housewarming gift for a recent client. Many people struggle to keep track of their receipts, and it’s possible to lose out on hundreds of dollars of tax deductions each year. However, by signing up with Expensify, you’ll have a useful digital record of all of your purchases, which will come in handy when tax season rolls around.

Facebook Ads Manager

Everyone uses Facebook, and it’s proven to be a useful tool for real estate agents. With Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll have an easy time managing, editing, and tracking ads — all from your phone! Any agent who uses Facebook ads frequently should utilize this app. The best part? It’s free!


Staging can be a difficult problem to tackle for first-time sellers. There’s a significant amount of measuring and moving involved, which may not be practical for some. Here’s where Magicplan comes in. With this app, you can digitally create a floorplan that allows you to organize a house before moving a single object. This is a great solution for real estate agents who handle many first-time sellers, as they tend to need more help throughout the entire process.

Not every app is right for every agent, but all agents should use apps. Before becoming so overwhelmed you consider leaving your profession, look into the options available that can lessen your workload.